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Roof Repairs

Extend the Life of Your Roof and Improve the Look of Your Home

Roof repair and roof maintenance are undoubtedly interlinked, for good maintenance will decrease the severity of the repair jobs. Doing little things like sealing leaks and replacing damaged shingles will extend your roof’s longevity and maintain its integrity. Staying on top of little issues like this will help you avoid the major expense of a full roof replacement.

Concerned that something might be wrong with your roof? Experiencing problems? A thorough inspection might be in order, as well as our services. Sleep well knowing that the roof above your head is strong and ready to take on any kind of weather. Contact us to get in touch with an expert who will diagnose your roof and its problems, determine the best course of action, and provide you with a free estimate for all work.

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Flat Roofs

All of our Flat roof systems are designed to survive Florida's extreme roofing conditions and require very little maintenance. Our roof system, is designed to out perform any commercial flat roof system on the market.

Our reflective roof system is design to repel Florida's harsh solar heat and tropical rain providing a seamless shield over your existing roof. The warranty is design to outperform the competition as well.

Roof Replacement

If your roof’s aging is obvious, or you start to notice visible signs of damage, there is a good chance that regular repairs and maintenance won’t cut it anymore.

That’s where we can help. ER Florida Roofing, is your residential roofing authority for Broward County and beyond. We have an expansive array of roofing materials and options along with an extensive amount of experience working on roofs all over Florida. We make sure your home is protected with a roof prepared.

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Shingle Roofs

We offer our Shingle roof installation, repair and maintenance services!

When it comes to roofing materials, shingles are the standard by which all other materials are judged. Shingles are popular for a number of reasons, including their economical price-point, quality durability, and a large variety of styles and colors. At ER Florida Roofing, LLC we are proud to be able to offer shingles from multiple manufacturers, in order to provide our homeowners with shingle options for every budget and aesthetic preference.

Metal Panel Roofs

We provide to you only the best metal roofing "systems"

Metal roof protects the entire structure from the hardest elements of nature thus with diminishing returns of standard asphalt shingled roofing and much shorter life span it's no wonder that Standing Seam Metal Roofs and Metal Shingle Roofs are in demand.

Installing Standing Seam and Metal Shingle roofing system requires and knowledge to between brand offerings, we can help guide your through this decision as most likely will be the last roof you'll ever purchase!

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Tile Roofs

We're Your Local Tile Roofing Contractor in Miami Dade, Broward County and West Palm Beach!

You've chosen to protect your home with durable concrete tile. Now choose a contractor you know will install or repair your tile roof properly. Turn to FL ER Florida Roofing for top-notch tile roof installation or repair services in the Miami area.

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